GranitiFiandre, world-leading company in the production of top-of-the range technical porcelain floor and wall tiles, selected by the most popular worldwide architects for the realization of their architectural masterpieces, owes its leadership in the sector to a great history made of challenges, a great experience full of values, a young and dynamic management and a focus on a exceptional aim: excellence.

Fiandre is making its entry into the future, in its “second” 50 years of history with the launch of a new generation ceramic, both with the revolution represented by the eco-active materials Active Clean Air & Antibacterial CeramicTM, which enrich Fiandre slabs with bactericidal and anti-pollution characteristics, and with the creation of the Maximum collection: with a generous surface area of 4.5 m2, each 300x150 cm and just 6 mm thick slab is evidence of the evolution of a material that can now respond to the requirements of a design world that is constantly developing.